1. The last Terminator the Second post (for a while)

    For Monday night’s Terminator the Second finale, I shot some video of a couple of big set pieces from backstage. Since they’re from backstage, you really can’t see anything, but let me describe them.

    The assault on Cyberdyne.

    Listen carefully and you’ll hear Miles Dyson question if they’ll succeed, then John Connor notice that the troops have shown up, who the Terminator dispatches with his mini-gun to roars of approval from the audience, before uttering the Shakespearean version of one of the most famous lines in the Schwarzenegger cannon, to even more cheers.

    Dyson is shot by the SWAT team (played by The Protomen, if I hadn’t mentioned that before), The Terminator drives the SWAT van through the wall, and Sarah Connor, John, and the Terminator escape through the van, leaving the dying Dyson wired to blow Cyberdyne sky-high. Which he does, in fine fashion. If you look carefully you can see Dyson leaning against the table where he falls, and as the lights fade you can hear the beep of the detonator, and then the explosion (which you can see, and hear the THUNDEROUUS audience response).

    The finale. The T-1000 had been defeated, and The Terminator sacrifices himself for the good of mankind.

    I IMAGINE that at some point in the not-too-distant future, Husky Jackal will be selling DVDs of the performance. I also imagine that there will be a C&D sometime shortly thereafter.