1. Follow up to a couple of unfinished items:

    1. Enzyme tests were negative for cancer. She’s still got a grapefruit-sized cyst on an ovary, which is still a Pretty Big Thing to deal with, but not (hopefully—those tests aren’t 100% accurate) a Major Life Thing.
    2. Some of the folks at CHSH got to sample a thing I invented called White Russian Cereal, which may be my only lingering contribution to society. Then the eerily efficient hotel staff whisked it away while I went to breakfast Saturday morning. Instructions for making it yourself are here. You don’t need a laser thermometer, the $4 candy thermometer you can get at the grocery store works just fine.
    3. I sent out my first Postagram yesterday afternoon (someone here should watch their mailbox). I’m thinking that hard-copy postcard/stickers of Instagram photos could be a lot of fun, so if you want one, and I don’t already have a mailing address for you, drop one in the askbox or email it to randal.cooper at the gmails. If I DO already have a mailing address for you, you might get surprised one of these days.
    4. Auditions for Nashville Shakespeare Company’s Romeo and Juliet are in just over a week, and I haven’t yet completely memorized my audition monologue. I’ll probably record myself reciting it and post it here, so stay tuned.