1. Earlier, I reblogged a post about “who your state loves that other states could kinda take or leave” and noted that that information isn’t that interesting—it’s too obscure in many cases, and easily influenced by an internet-savvy minority.

    Much more interesting, to me, was the answer to the question “who does your state hate?” So I looked up every state, and put them all in a spreadsheet, then wrote the results on maps.

    The first map is limited to the top 50 artists on Spotify. The second is the top 100, and the third the top 200. I could have also limited data to the top 40 (lots of states hate Chris Brown), the top 500, and the top 1000, but it got increasing obscure and meaningless.

    It’s interesting to see the Pacific Northwest change from R. Kelly to Mary J. Blige when offered the option (Maine still HATES R. Kelly, though,) New England’s loathing of George Strait, and the South’s disdain for Hot Chip become apparent as you increase granularity.

    Also, Hawaii and Nevada hating Wilco, and Texas hating Bon Iver in the first pass are endlessly amusing.